Journal Sighting

This cute Valentine’s Day display is in Barnes & Noble in Bloomington, Indiana. We just love it when people send us photos of our journals in stores. Thanks, Shelly! If you see our books somewhere, snap a photo and let us know.

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Amazon Review

Most reviews of our books make me smile for one reason or another. This new review for What I Love About You  made me smile so much this morning that I just had to share it: “Probably my favorite product from amazon all-together! The book is so thorough, and is appropriate for any stage of a relationship. I […]

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Stop Glossing Over the Good Stuff

I just have to share part of an excellent article by Jason Lengstorf on his blog, Scrawny to Brawny. Here’s the general theme:  “As simple as it seems, taking the time to recognize the good stuff can have a huge positive impact on your relationships with colleagues, significant others, friends, and clients.” Excerpt from Jason’s article: STOP […]

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Favorite Book Covers (Kate)

Do you have favorite book covers? Why do you like them? Four different teams put together covers for our eight guided journals. All the covers do the job, but these two just might be my favorites. Both of these books are intended as keepsake gifts, so they need to be appealing. I know nothing about design, […]

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The Secret to a Happy Relationship (Kate)

Gary Chapman, author of bestselling book The Five Languages of Love, writes that “the need to feel loved by one’s spouse is at the heart of all marital desires.” He explains that when one person invests energy in filling his or her partner’s “emotional love tank,” the other person naturally reciprocates and that this sets […]

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Writing About Your Relationship Makes it Stronger (Kate)

We knew it all the time…. I just re-read a July 1, 2007 issue of the Bottom Line Personal article that should warm the hearts of writers in relationships everywhere: “Recent Study: Participants were told to write about either their relationships or everyday things. Three months later, 77% of those told to write about their relationships […]

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Letter from a Military Wife (Kate)

David and I have heard from a number of military couples who have used What I Love About You as a way to stay connected during training and deployments. It gratifies us to think that this little journal is giving some comfort to military families serving our country. Last week we got a sweet letter from a new bride about […]

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