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What I Love About You, Mom

(Kate and David Marshall, Penguin Random House/Plume, 2013)


Your Mom is one of the most important people in your life–here’s your chance to tell her.


Photo of book cover: "What I Love About You, Mom" by Kate & David Marshall

What I Love About You, Mom provides a personal and heartfelt way to tell your mother just how much you appreciate all that she has done for you. With writing prompts, checklists, and space for photos or drawings, this journal celebrates all that is unique and wonderful about your relationship. It’s a gift she will cherish forever.



Sample Prompts:

Here’s a picture of us when I was young…
I used to love it when you…
It meant a lot to me when you…
Thank you for not…
Here’s something I wish we could do more often…
Two things I especially look forward to in our future…
If I could take you anywhere in the world, I’d take you to…


Kate thanked her mom for teaching her to love animals, both real and pretend.


1. What’s something you want to thank your mom for, big or small?  Watch.

2. What’s one memory about your mom from when you were a kid? Watch.

3. What’s something special or unique about your mom? Watch.



Reviewers Say:


“My mom is obsessed with this gift… as I intended for her to be. Finally, I did something right!!”


“She loved it. She cried. I am officially her favorite child.”


“I was looking for something special to give to my mother and this was the perfect book. I was able to make it just for my mom with my personal feelings, thoughts, memories. I loved it and so did my Mom!


“If your mom is like mine, she really has everything she needs, but what she appreciates most is a gift of memories and appreciation. I love this guided journal because it makes it easy for you to share your thoughts, memories, and gratitude.”


“I liked that this book allowed for a good mix of sappy moments and funny moments. My mom is both the loving, caring type AND my hilarious best friend. Some prompts lend themselves to recounting funny inside jokes and memories, while others were the perfect moment to let her know just how much I appreciate her love and support.”


“One of my grown children sent me this book chock full of reminiscences that evoke even more memories. Good “prompts” elevate this way above my expectations for a “fill-in-the-blank” book. It’s fun to read (and I think also to do) and something to cherish for many years.”


“I think every daughter should fill out and give their mother this book. It is a priceless gift for any occasion.”


David’s mom happily read his memories and good wishes on Mother’s Day!


“I found that the memories it extracted from my mind probably made me as happy as it will my mom. I’m sure my mom won’t forget this…as we  both won’t forget the relationship it honors.”


“Stunning. Thought-provoking do-it-yourself personalized book. A wonderful, original idea … every book is a work of art unto itself!”


“The prompts are really heartfelt and meaningful. I love that there is also space for pictures, drawings or anything else you would like to add such as tickets to an event, receipts, cards and so on.”


Certainly the best gift I had ever received from my son. He added photos of both of us together, when he was young and when he was older, and he even made some creative and humorous artwork on some of the pages. He told me that the questions and prompts in the book took him in many directions, all of which led him to a new and deeper understanding of our relationship, helping him to better express himself.”