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The Book of Us: A Journal of Your Love Story in 150 Questions

(Kate and David Marshall, Hachette/Hyperion, 1998)

Photo of the book cover: "The Book of Us" by Kate & David Marshall

Preserve the memories of your own love story.


This souvenir volume contains 150 simple yet thoughtful questions that help record the stories and moments of the romance of a lifetime. The Book of Us helps any couple remember and cherish the story of their most important love, from first date to wedding day and through the years beyond. Each page has a prompt that invites a memory or reflection.

Whether a couple has been together one year or fifty, this heartfelt stroll down memory lane is an ideal present for engagement parties, wedding showers, or as a romantic anniversary gift or Valentine’s Day gift. It is also a good way to help family elders record their love story for family history and genealogy buffs.


Introduction (from Kate and David)
Getting to Know You
Tying the Knot
Starting Out Together
The Middle Years
The Later Years


Reviewers Say:

“I’ve used this little book as a wedding gift (along with a check) many times. I think it is perfect for a newlywed couple!”


“I will give this a thumbs up for those searching for something to get that is “paper” for their first anniversary.”


“It’s like LOVE CANDY! During my engagement, I wanted something sweet and something serious to work on with my fiance. We wanted to document our love in a way that would last and give us a memento for future anniversaries. So, the questions and spaces in this book were great for this purpose. We answered the questions over a few months period and took turns writing answers and leaving the book in a special place that we designated for it. It was a very sweet project!”


“My wife thought it was the cutest thing that I wrote in this book and gave it to her for our 1st year anniversary. She got quite emotional about it and I earned some brownie points…”


“In the age of email, text messaging and Skype, it has been nice to put pen to paper and relive all the special times we have shared as a couple. I highly recommend this as a gift to a long distance, military or newlywed couple.”


“I purchased this book for my husband for our first anniversary and he loved it! I was planning on being the one filling in the blanks for him, but he wants me to leave extra space so he can write his version as well, and we can look at it for years to come.”


“I bought this for my boyfriend and I to fill out and it’s been SO much fun reliving some events! It’s such a sweet book! The book starts when you first start dating and goes through all the years you’ve been married. I can’t wait to fill in those pages. This would make an amzing bridal shower, engagement, wedding, Valentines Day or any day present! I HIGHLY reccomend this book!”


“This made a great bridal gift. It will hold many memories. I found it to be a wonderful gift that no one else thought of.


“This book was the cheapest gift I have ever bought but has brought the most enjoyment. While reading what I wrote, DH actually cried and it brought back so many memories, some of which had been forgotten. [It] has reminded me that it is not about the price tag of the gift, but the enjoyment that is derived from it! I will be purchasing this for wedding gifts from now on!”


“This book is so well organized to chronicle every stage of a romance! You will look back on it years later and be so glad that you did. The absolute PERFECT wedding gift for any bride! Thoughtful and substantial.”


“[My fiancé] was very surprised that I had spend time writing it in all my feeling for him when I first saw him and how I felt, made him feel very special. He still keeps it on his night stand even 2 yrs later. Great questions and lots of room to write, really helps your feeling come out.”


“I love this journal! It asks tons of great relationship questions. My boyfriend and I take turns answering then covering our thoughts and letting the other one answer. This has led to lots of laughs, hugs, and great discussions, and I’m happy we’ll have the book to keep for years to come!”