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The Book of Myself: A Do-it-Yourself Autobiography in 221 Questions

(Carl and David Marshall, Hachette/Hyperion, 1994, 1997 and 2007)


Have you ever wanted to write your memoirs or wished you had the life stories of a relative?


photo of book cover: Book of Myself, by Carl & David Marshall

This is a do-it-yourself memoir that helps you record and preserve the experiences and knowledge of a lifetime for years to come. Divided into Early, Middle, and Later Years, the questions guide you through keeping memories on family, friends, learning and education, work and responsibilities, and the world around you.


The Book of Myself is the perfect way for you, or someone close to you, to remember the turning points and everyday recollections of a lifetime and share them with future generations. Perfect for genealogy and family history lovers.


Carl’s and David’s stories of creating The Book of Myself.



Reviewers Say:

I gave this book to my mother, and she actually filled it out. It is a treasure to me. I learned so much about her as a person, not just my mother. Based on the information she gave, I bought her birthday presents for crafts she always wanted to learn, cooked her favorite meals and realized how similar we are in many ways.”


“If you find journal writing intimidating, this book is a great introduction. Buy one for yourself and then buy 5 or 6 to give as gifts.”


“I teach and speak extensively about the importance of writing personal and family history, and I always use this book as an example of one way to commit a life to paper.”


“[My father] recently passed away and, when going through his things, I found the book. He had completed it. I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to have his words and thoughts in writing, many of those words and thoughts quite new to me! My brothers and I will treasure this book forever.”


“We gave this book to a friend at his 80th birthday party – he couldn’t put it down. He already has just about anything he wants so this book turned out to be a great gift.”


A gift for all ages. It says you are worth listening to. The questions evoke pictures in one’s mind, making it easy to begin the journey.”


“I never could have written so much about my life without this journaling book. The prompts give just the right amount of direction, while still being flexible for different kinds and ages of people. It pulled out lots of memories…and it made me think.”


“I gave this book to my grandmother with a note that said “I bought this book for you because I want the generations of our bloodline to come to know that you were a wonderful, generous woman, who knew how to live life to it’s fullest.” She loved both the book and the note so much she cried! She wrote in it and gave it to me, and I drank up every word she wrote.”


For those of us who feel that we have gained a bit of wisdom in our journey of life and who have a desire to preserve and share this wisdom – this is a great book to begin to memorialize these immortal thoughts…If you are fortunate to have your parents complete it, treat the book like fine wine, the more it ages, the better it gets. ”


I gave 5 as gifts, everyone loves the book, all around age 65. Get one for yourself when you order.”


“As a genealogist, I love to have anything that will help be gain information (other than dates and locations) so they can be passed down through the generations in this age of ‘remote grandparents’.”


This book provides a non-threatening, thought-provoking way for older adults who are reluctant to talk about their past or just ‘can’t think of anything to say’ when you have a tape machine running.”