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Picture of Me: Who I Am in 221 Questions

photo of book cover: "Picture of Me" by Kate & David Marshall(Kate and David Marshall, Penguin Random House/Harmony, 2009)


Celebrate this moment by answering life’s most basic question–”Who am I?”–in bite-size pieces.


A fill-in book with prompts, checklists, short answers, and places for photos, drawings and doodles, Picture of Me creates a colorful portrait of your present-day life and what makes you tick. Stimulating and entertaining prompts query everything from what you love about your closest friends to your three best physical features, which kind of dog reflects your personality, some common smells and sounds in your home, what causes you believe in, and what makes you proud.

Fill it out now, share it with friends, and look back on it in five years to reminisce.

No matter what the occasion–graduation, milestone birthday, or reflecting on your life at any time–Picture of Me reveals a clearer portrait of who who are. Use it to take a look at your life, track changes over time, or exchange copies with a loved one to get to know each other better.



  • SELF-PORTRAIT: My Physical Self
  • INSIDE OUT: My Personality
  • OUTSIDE IN: My Sense of Style
  • PLAYMATES: My Friends
  • LOVE & LUST: My Love Life (two sections: one if you’re single and one if you’re in a relationship)
  • WHERE I LIVE: My Home
  • GETTING THINGS DONE: Work, School, and Other Duties
  • WHERE I STAND: My Beliefs
  • FAQ: Random Stuff
  • OVERALL: My Life on the Whole

Reviewers Say:


“I am enjoying every moment that I spend filling in the questions, and I look forward to being able to read this in future years once it is all finished.”


“This is a fun book that provides an in-depth look at yourself, what you like and don’t like, who your friends and family are to you.”


“For people who don’t really like to journal or do not have much time to, this is a fun and interesting way of getting to know yourself better. The go-with-your-gut, fill-in-the-blanks questions and choices are better than anything I could think of when it comes to jotting down my life’s preferences!”


Great for ages 12-120: Giving a gift like this to someone is as valuable to the receiver as it is to the giver. The questions are all plain and simply worded; it reads so easily this could even be a fun gift for a kid in sixth grade. It encourages kids to write and enjoy the process, gives a snapshot into the lives of middle aged folks, and stimulates senior minds. I made [my dad] promise to give the book back when he’s done.”


“Unlike similar books, the book asks no lewd questions, ie, “Would you have sex with a dog?”, although it does ask opinions on things like belief in God and whether or not being gay is biological or a “choice.” However, it is not phrased in such a way where I think most people I know, liberal or conservative, would find offensive.”


“This is a fun little book if you like answering questions about yourself. It’s great for marking down where you’re at in your life right now, so you can reflect on it in later years…answer the questions and give it to some one so they can know you better…or just for fun.


“It is one of those books that will be awesome to look back at in even five years and see who I was and what I was all about. Recommend!”


I enjoyed filling out all the questions, and prompts. The best part is that, instead of having to decide on a prompt for a diary (or if you just feel like answering a few random questions about yourself) this book has it all written down FOR YOU! ‘


“It is a wonderful tool for letting your children or grandchildren get to know you, and I hope to have this book for many years to come.”


“This is a great journal for those who don’t know where to start. It is a good way to learn about yourself. Love it.”


“The questions are very easy to understand, and there are lines for more general questions, so you can write out answers. There’s also plenty of room for notes (if you feel like expanding on a particular answer).”


“The book is perfectly sized for taking with you wherever you go in case you get the notion to record something about yourself. There are pages to post pictures or make drawings without the stress of scrapbooking them. Overall, a fun book!”


“Overall, a fantastic gift that can be for a loved one or a cheap little “secret Santa” office gift.”


“Although there are 221 questions, some are true/false, some involve drawing (as I mentioned before), some are sorts of quizzes, and some are essay, so it wouldn’t be intimidating for someone who isn’t a natural writer, although it’s a good gift for a little practice.”


“These are great gifts for anyone. It can be a secret haven for those who want to confess their private thoughts, or it can be a book that generations to come can know some intimate and fun details of a family member.”