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The Completely Unauthorized Life Map of Dave Eggers (David)

I have written several articles about how famous people might fill out My Life Map to describe what their future holds. The first one (complete with visual life map), on bestselling author Dave Eggers, was published today in

The Completely Unauthorized Life Map of Dave Eggers


P.S. – I look forward to San Francisco becoming the center of the book publishing universe.

Writing About Your Relationship Makes it Stronger (Kate)

We knew it all the time….

I just re-read a July 1, 2007 issue of the Bottom Line Personal article that should warm the hearts of writers in relationships everywhere:

“Recent Study: Participants were told to write about either their relationships or everyday things. Three months later, 77% of those told to write about their relationships were still together. Among those who wrote about everyday activities, only 52% were still together. Theory: Writing about a relationship may help focus your attention on it, making it stronger.

James W. Pennebaker, PhD, professor and chair, department of psychology, University of Texas at Austin and leader of a study of 86 dating couples, reported in Psychological Science.”

Two easy ways to write about your sweetie:

The Book of Us

What I Love About You

Heartwarming Story of Transformation (David)

I am proud that My Life Map helped this exceptional young woman find her path to happiness. Here is her review of My Life Map: A Journal to Help You Shape Your Future:


Sent Me on an Amazing Journey

As a former coworker of author David Marshall, I had the pleasure of reading an advanced copy of My Life Map nearly one year ago. At the time, I was working in publishing, but had the sneaking suspicion that I was looking for something else. But I didn’t know what that ‘something else’ was and, more so, I had no idea how to find it. When David gave me a copy of My Life Map, I was expecting a pleasant read and he was expecting some valuable feedback. Well…neither one of us got quite what we expected.
I don’t usually go in for self-help books and I’ve never really done any journaling, so I was amazed and surprised by the way this book drew me in. The straight-forward and helpful introductory information, the fill-in format, and the illustrative examples all came together and persuaded me, almost against my will, to do some life-mapping of my own. This book helped me make sense of the thoughts, desires, and dissatisfaction that were confusingly swirling around in my brain, bringing to light wants and visions that I hadn’t been able see alone.
It wasn’t until My Life Map provided me with both the guidance and the space to find and express what I did NOT want from life that I felt confident enough to take the next step and figure out what I DID want.
While David did gain some valuable feedback (and a big fan of his work), he lost a coworker. By reading and filling out the worksheets in My Life Map, I was inspired to follow my true passion — for organic, artisan cheese. I’m now 4 months into an amazing new journey, working as a local cheesemonger and writing and editing around food, and I have My Life Map and David & Kate Marshall to thank for inspiring and encouraging me.
– Bonnie K.


Therapy for $16? (Kate)

One thing I appreciate about this My Life Map review — besides the blogger’s thoughtful description of what it was like for her to work on her life planning maps — is her observation that, for people unable to work with a therapist or counselor, this little $16 journal is “a good alternative.” We certainly recognize the value of professionals and do not aim to replace them. But we do agree that going through this little journal will bring valuable insights in a gentle, self-paced way.

“Cook Scrap Craft” Blog Review of My Life Map